Kyle Killgore has loved music his entire life. In fact, the main reason he picked up a guitar was to be like his father, David, who has been a professional bass player since age 12. Kyle followed in his father's footsteps by beginning to write his own music while he was in college and releasing his first EP, "Jackson", in 2018.

"Livin’ On the Run" will be the first song released since the EP. It showcases Kyle's growth as an artist, and the development of the band's unique sound.  The band has been performing "Livin' On The Run" live for a little over a year. Audiences at honky tonks all over the midwest have loved the song, and have clamored for its release. Now, with that day on the horizon, Kyle and the band are hitting the road - just like in the song! Big things are sure to follow as they wrap up 2020!